1993 Global Warming Poem

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I found this old poem I wrote in my junior year of high school in 1993. While the environment was a political topic back then, to be honest, not a lot of people took global warming or ecology in general very serious unless there was some major oil spill or major disaster. The concept that this world is on limited time was not really taken seriously. Al Gore had just gotten into office and was very outspoken on the issue but he wasn't taken seriously enough at the time.

Anyhow, here is my teenage poem:

Last Defense

We are all so guilty of the crime
of destroying our precious land.
One thing we do not have is time.
The hour glass is running out of sand.

Technology has caused the death
of clean water, food and air.
Better enjoy each deep breath;
Our end is coming near.

We are all guilty of murder,
rape, pillage, and theft.
Our gentle Earth, we have hurt her,
and she will die with nothing left.

If there still is some goodness in us,
or a more caring disposition,
perhaps our leaders can discuss,
a life-saving proposition.

Narrow-mindedness and ignorance,
of those who wait until it's too late,
will bring us to our last defense,
against a suicidal fate.

–November 15, 1993

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