2019 Science Refutes Climate Alarm On Every Front… Shrinking Deserts, Growing Islands, Crumbling Consensus, Weaker Storms, Cooler Arctic Etc. Etc. Etc.

2019 science: Absolutely no climate alarm 

No alarm on every aspect: stable polar ice, normal sea level rise, no consensus, growing snow cover, less tropical storms, tornadoes, shrinking deserts, global greening, predictions wrong, models flawed, climate driven by sun, ocean cycles, biodiversity, warmer 1000 years ago…etc…

2019 science refutes climate alarm on every front shrinking deserts growing islands crumbling consensus weaker storms cooler arctic etc etc etc

2019 saw a great amount of new science emerge showing that there’s nothing alarming or catastrophic about our climate. 

Some 2019 scientific findings

Need to make a presentation showing there is no climate alarm? The following findings we reported on in 2019 will put many concerns to rest.

Hundreds of peer-reviewed papers ignored by media

What follows are some selected top science-based posts we published here at NoTricksZone in 2019. These new findings show there is absolutely no climate alarm.

Hundreds of new peer-reviewed papers, charts, findings, etc – which the IPCC, activists and media ignore and even conceal. No wonder they’ve gotten so shrill.

January 2019

1. Globe’s islands are growing

2. Sahara shrinking and here

3. “Consensus” torpedoed – 500 new 2018 skeptic papers

February 2019

4. Rapidly declining storm energy

5. Arctic much warmer 9000 years ago

6. Austrian ZAMG says climate models not reliable

7. Oceans LESS acidic with rising CO2

8. WSJ: Germany world’s dumbest energy policy

9. Sea level over 3 meters higher 6000 years ago

10. Experts dismiss warming-polar vortex link

March 2019

11. Year 2000 predictions wrong

12. New paper shows sun drove recent warming

13. More alarmist predictions contradicted

April 2019

14. California lake 4-5°C warmer when CO2 at 200 ppm

15. Electric cars worse than diesel when it comes to CO2

16. Grain production quadruples as population doubles

18. 344,000 German households get power cut off 2018

19. Canada sees no warming in 25 years

20. Early 21st century hiatus is real

May 2019

21. 10 of 10 Antarctic coastal stations see no warming

22. Dr. Judith Curry: Model simulations unrealistic

23. Greenland glaciers stable or growing

24. Arctic ice melt barely impacting AMOC

25. Arctic 4.6°C WARMER in 1930s

June 2019

26. Scientists show Medieval Warm Period was global

27. Former MIT climate scientist says GW claims “untrustworthy” and here

28. World’s tide gauges show negligible sea level acceleration

29. Multiple papers show no “Gulf Stream collapse”

30. June Arctic ice has grown over past 13 years!

31. Northern Europe climate in sync with ocean cycles

July 2019

32. 12 papers show Medieval Warm Period warmer than today

33.India sea level 1.5 meters HIGHER 500 years ago

34. Scientists: Antarctica rapidly cooling!

35. 90 Leading Italian scientists sign: “Warming not catastrophic

August 2019

36. Renewable energies making electricity unaffordable

37. Medieval Warm Period was global, and here

38. Huge uncertainty behind global warming

39. Sea level rising slower than thought

40. 400% coral recovery since 2014

41. Weather globally has become LESS EXTREME

42. Greenland ice sheet, glaciers at high levels today

September 2019

43. Greta’s home Sweden 3°C colder today!

44. 500 scientists send letter to UN: NO climate emergency

45. Rapid Greenland ice melt deceleration

46. Cold weather deaths are RISING

47. Biodiversity harmed more by cooling

October 2019

48. Warming since 1979 caused entirely by natural factors

49. 74% of the globe has greened since 1981

50. No robust link between Arctic ice, European winter

51. Renowned geologist: climate change “totally exaggerated” 

52. Medical journal calls for hospitalization of climate dissidents

53. 55 NEW papers link climate change to solar activity

November 2019

54. Studies show equatorial sea level has fallen since 1600s

55. Satellite imagery prove GREENING PLANET

56. Scientists find no detectable human climate link

57. Scientists: CO2 a negligible climate factor

58. Scientists: North Atlantic has COOLED since 1970s

59. German scientists say climate models out of control

60. Modern warming tame compared to 1000 years ago

December 2019

61. Over 100 papers show very low CO2 climate sensitivity

62. 288 new papers show today’s warming not unprecedented

63. Attn Greta: smart phones emit 125 million tons CO2/yr 

64. New study shows Arctic 4.6°C warmer in the 1930s

65. 350 recent papers show current warming not unusual

Next time you debate some alarmist, just give them the link to this site!


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