Month: July 2019

Overshoot Day: German ARD Public Television Calls For Consumers To Be Punished By “So Damn Expensive” Prices

Green hubris: ARD German public television commentary labels its audience “consumption addicts” – mentally ill – and pleads they be punished with “so damn expensive” prices. Germany’s equivalent of the BBC, publicly (forced) funded ARD Broadcasting aired a commentary on Monday evening by journalist Lorenz Beckhardt. The commentary was to respond to the latest Earth […]

Climate crisis already causing deaths and childhood stunting, report reveals

‘Insidious’ health-related impacts in Australia and Pacific include lowered cognitive capacity and spread of diseases Climate change is “absolutely” already causing deaths, according to a new report on the health impacts of the climate crisis, which also predicts climate-related stunting, malnutrition and lower IQ in children within the coming decades. The report, From Townsville to […]

Two European Professors: IPCC Climate Modeling Methodology Opens Door To “Fake Conclusions” …”Manipulations””

Two European professors recently wrote that the IPCC projections of future warming are based on huge unknowns, and do not take the past properly into account. This means that projections of the future of the world’s climate are unreliable, according to Samuel Furfari, Professor at the Free University of Brussels, and Henri Masson, Professor (Emeritus), […]