Month: August 2019

NASA’s ECOSTRESS Detects Amazon Fires from Space

if (typeof captions == ‘undefined’){ var captions = []; } captions.push(“ECOSTRESS imagery of fires burning in the Bolivian Amazon on Aug. 23, 2019. Red areas show regions hotter than the sensor was designed to measure (approximately 220 degrees Fahrenheit, or 104 degrees Celsius). Dark wispy areas indicate thick smoke. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech › Larger view”) captions.push(“ECOSTRESS […]

Body-Slamming The Poor! New Studies Show Renewable Energies “Have Virtually Doubled The Price Of Electricity”

Some fresh new scientific papers are confirming that renewable energies, particularly wind and solar power, are not delivering what was promised – not by a long shot. They likely will become far more of a burden than a benefit. “Virtually doubled the price of electricity” For example, Pereira et al., 2019  writes that “growth in […]

Extinction Rebellion to take over Manchester street in climate protest

XR says 750 people will occupy Deansgate in protest at city’s climate crisis contradictions Hundreds of climate protesters plan to occupy one of Manchester’s busiest streets for four days this weekend to expose the “huge contradictions” of a city region that has declared a climate emergency while planning to massively expand its airport. The Extinction […]

New Studies Show Solar Activity Has Major Impact On Europe’s Climate, Cannot Be Dismissed

How the sun impacts European climate By Die kalte Sonne (German text translated by P Gosselin) Images: NASA Observatory The gigantic nuclear fusion power plant of the sun reliably supplies the earth with energy. However, the IPCC’s current doctrine is that fluctuations in solar activity have no effect whatsoever on the Earth’s climate. Some climate […]