Month: February 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Bloomberg’s new public lands proposal is last but not least

On Saturday, megabillionaire-turned-presidential-candidate Michael Bloomberg finally unveiled his public lands proposal, an eight-page document describing his general intentions toward the nation’s parks, lands, and waters. Bloomberg’s plan, much like his appearance in the race, feels a bit tardy — other contenders for the Democratic nomination have had similar plans out for months now — his […]

UK court ruling: Heathrow airport expansion doesn’t fly under Paris Agreement

Terms like “flight shame” might be new to many of us, but environmental activists have been waving their arms about the aviation industry’s ginormous carbon footprint for decades. And on Thursday, they triumphed in a fight over an airport expansion at London’s Heathrow Airport that’s been brewing for years. In a historic decision, the United […]

Power Grid Vulnerability Exposed: Storm, High Winds Lead To Power Outages Over Large Areas Of Germany

German news portal here reports how yesterday large areas of central and southern Germany saw the power fail yesterday due to “snow and storms.”   Power outages, Germany, February 27, 2020. (Source: In some locations the power was out for hours, reports. Of course snow itself has little to do with the […]

Naomi Seibt: ‘anti-Greta’ activist called white nationalist an inspiration

German teenager spoke at an event at US rightwing conference CPAC A young campaigner who has been hailed by climate sceptics as the right’s answer to Greta Thunberg has previously described a white nationalist who appeared to promote “white genocide” theories as one of her “inspirations”. Naomi Seibt, a 19-year-old from Münster, Germany, who styles […]