Month: August 2020

Only one in 10 utility firms prioritise renewable electricity – global study

Vast majority of world’s electricity companies remain heavily invested in fossil fuels Only one in 10 of the world’s electric utility companies are prioritising investment in clean renewable energy over growing their capacity of fossil fuel power plants, according to research from the University of Oxford. The study of more than 3,000 utilities found most […]

Australia’s big polluters required to offset just 1.2% of greenhouse gas emissions in past year

Analysis shows state and federal governments not exercising their powers to require companies to increase offsets Only 1.2% of the greenhouse gas emissions released by Australia’s top 65 emitting companies had to be offset under federal and state laws last financial year, an analysis has found. The analysis by Footprint, a sustainability news site, examined […]

International Corporate Trial Lawyer Optimistic COVID-19 Test Fraud Will Lead To Expensive Compensation For Damages

While today the German mainstream media attempt to shame the tens of thousands of protesters for showing up to PEACEFULLY protest the COVID-19 restrictions and the loss of freedom, independent media have been presenting real substance. One example is the following Youtube video that shows some of the speakers at the demonstration. Among them was […]

Serious Question: If we need to cut back our consumption or we’re all screwed… Why don’t we just have less kids?

Okay forgive me if this is the most ignorant question ever, but I don't get why this is never mentioned as a possible solution to our energy crisis… Common logic would say 50% reduction in population equates to roughly 50% reduction in energy consumption, right? So rather than spend decades slowly phasing out dirty energy […]