Month: April 2021

The low-hanging fruit in the climate battle? Cutting down on meat | Gaby Hinsliff

Eating fewer animal products and less dairy would make a huge difference to carbon emissions Something is cooking in the world of climate politics. Or, perhaps more accurately, something isn’t. This week, the American recipe website Epicurious announced that, for environmental reasons, it wouldn’t publish any new beef recipes. No more steaks, burgers or creative […]

Physics Prof. Concludes CO2 Climate Effect Is ‘Fairly Negligible’ – Adds Just 0.5°C For A Doubling To 760 ppm

A new CO2 climate sensitivity study suggests that, beyond the 300 ppm threshold, “any further increase of (anthropogenic) CO2 cannot lead to an appreciably stronger absorption of radiation, and consequently cannot affect the earth’s climate.” Dr. Schildknecht is a Bielefeld University physics professor affiliated with the Max Planck Institute in Munich. His equilibrium climate sensitivity […]

New High Resolution Climate Simulation Projects Antarctic Ice To Remain Stable Rest Of The Century

Now we know why prominent activists, like Barack Obama, purchased expensive seaside homes even after warning the seas are “rising rapidly”. It turns out they really aren’t, a new University of Utrecht study shows. And like many climate alarmists, Potsdam Institute climate researcher Stefan Rahmstorf predicted the oceans could very well rise by an alarming […]

Republicans’ climate credibility hit by make-believe ‘war on burgers’ claim

Unfounded claims do not reflect president’s proposals to tackle global heating, which make no mention of meat consumption At a major summit hosted by Joe Biden last week, a procession of world leaders fretted over the spiraling dangers of the climate crisis, with some pledging further cuts to planet-heating emissions, others touting their embrace of […]