Month: July 2021

Forest Degradation A Major Climatic Warming Driver, Study Finds. CO2-Induced Tree Growth Cools?

A new study published in the journal Ecological Solutions and Evidence shows that forestry management has a significant influence on the cooling capacity of forests. Our cooling forests. Photo: Copyright P. Gosselin Also the study’s findings suggest that the added growth tree growth  The study shows why burning trees in “sustainable” biomass plants using wood […]

As extreme heat and wildfires rage, a ‘protection gap’ threatens Californians

Over the past decade, wildfires and extreme heat have destabilized California in ways both dramatic and subtle: 4.2 million acres burned last year alone, most of the state is experiencing emergency levels of drought, and heat-related deaths are on the rise. These climate-driven disasters have worsened the state’s housing crisis, as insurance in risky areas […]

There Were 23 Global Warming Jolts Many Times Faster And Greater Than Modern During The Last Glacial

Dozens of rapid warming and cooling periods episodically occurred throughout the last glacial. However, they have often been dismissed as local-only events. A 2020 study published in Science robustly affirms steeper-than-today warming periods spanned both hemispheres and 23 of 25 were “globally synchronous.”  Geologists have long recognized that Greenland abruptly warmed up by 5 to […]