Month: October 2021

Swiss Analysis: Climate Models Running Too Warm, Falsely Calibrated…IPCC Needs “To Review Its Findings”

Satellite data raise doubts about man-made climate change   Climate models do not represent reality. They sre running too hot. Climate modeling has been awarded the Nobel Prize. But two German researchers prove that observations are more important than calculations in climate research. By Alex Reichmuth (Switzerland)  (Translated, edited by P. Gosselin) There was great […]

Climate experts warn world leaders 1.5C is ‘real science’, not just talking point

Scientists say keeping temperature rises to 1.5C is vital physical threshold for planet that cannot be negotiated The 1.5C temperature limit to be discussed by world leaders at critical meetings this weekend is a vital physical threshold for the planet’s climate, and not an arbitrary political construct that can be haggled over, leading climate scientists […]

Biden heads to crucial climate talks as wary allies wonder if US will deliver

President faces challenges to reassert US credibility after Trump but critics say Biden’s actions have yet to match his words With no major climate legislation firmly in hand and international allies still smarting after four bruising years of Donald Trump, Joe Biden faces a major challenge to reassert American credibility as he heads to crucial […]

What climate denial? Oil executives play dumb at major congressional hearing.

Four of the fossil fuel industry’s head honchos appeared before the House Oversight Committee on Thursday to testify about their companies’ history of climate denial. The CEOs of Exxon, BP America, and Chevron and the president of Shell’s U.S. subsidiary were present, along with the presidents of two top lobbying groups: the American Petroleum Institute […]