A plan to fix Britain’s broken democracy | Letter

Dr Wanda Wyporska, Jonathon Porritt and Neal Lawson and nine others on the creation of a special assembly of citizens to make our democratic system fit for the 21st century

Our democracy is precious. But right now, it’s in a mess. The problems are there for all to see: in the chaos over Brexit, in our inability to respond to the climate crisis, and in an economic system that keeps failing.

These are all symptoms of the same disorder: the way we make decisions isn’t working. Our democratic system is in urgent need of renewal. Power is too far away from people. We need the power to make changes in our lives and our communities. But too often we don’t know who can help or who is responsible. Parliament and elections are stuck in the past. The structures and systems are in urgent need of an upgrade. And under the current electoral system too many voters are simply ignored. No one knows what the rules of our democracy are. They should be set down properly, so that everyone can understand and follow them.

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