A Speech I did for English Language tittle Our War

Our War

We are living in darkness hours, We still fight in fire and blood and anguish, But this war is not thought though guns and bombs of war, Not fought with men, For This Our War,

We claim we help, But yet you pollute, You drive to a local shop, We claim you’re here to help, Then Join our army of actorfist, This Our War,

Imagine if you will, A world without, Cornwell, Florida, Demark, Portugal, Greece, Cuba, New Zealand, This what will happen if you, Continue to Pollute our planet Continue to drive or get a bus For a double decker bus produce, ¼ of Pouillon from factories, Of 1940s This Our War,

Imagine if you will, You been though Fire, You been though Blood, You been though Anguish, We did start the fire, But we going Extinguish It,

This Our Planet, This is what Earth though, This Our World, This Our War,

Imagine if you will, A world with only life known, Is wales and sharks in Zoos, The only birds you know were Pigeons, And us as only reputation of Manuals, Sounds an dystopian? Doesn’t it? Want this to charge? Join us! This is Our War

I'm writing you dear, somewhere, Hoping this finds you well, I hoping to tell you that winning the war, I understand we no longer have Cornwall, And I know what you saw Don’t worry I am perfectly well, This Our War,

There may be ignorance, Of the climate But that to be thought, So I going make be taught, This Our War,

We did start the fire, But we going Extinguish It, Image if don’t Polar Bears, Penguins, Monkeys, Turtles, Tigers, Crocodiles and Chickens, Could become an creatures, of pure fiction, Want this happen? Lancaster University believes these will all, Extinct if, Climate Charge, Carbon Emissions, Continue,

By year 2043 Our ice caps will melted We can stop this For this is Our War

What Can You do Well.. • Speak up! And spread the Word • Power your home with renewable energy. … • Reduce water waste. … • Actually eat the food your Parents buy … • Buy better bulbs. Aka L.E.D • Play on Xbox or PS, Less This is the Way This our war

for this our war People want, They want to free, They want to be in unity, For the steak of humanity, This Our War,

We need to join forces Become an army An army of free an army of Unity, This Our War,

So, Hold your breath Make a wish Count to three Come with me, And you will, See, you will, Be, In a In a world of pure imagination, Take an look what do you see? Travelling in the world of your creation, What you see, Will defy explanation, your change to the world? There's nothing to it For you could join Our War

We all in this together, This Our War,

We all in this together, This Our War,

Together we will, • We pick the litter • Pick up your mess • For this is will be OUR WAR We may not be in beaches, We may not be on landing grounds But we are In SCHOOLS In HOMES And on the Streets READY FOR CHARGE!

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