An Australian story of a failed carbon emissions strategy that broke the heart of many, including me.

Here in Australia we had our first female Prime Minister ever elected and she was wonderful, she set up a levy for the large polluters to pay once they past a certain level of pollution.

She was attacked by people calling it a hoax by climate deniers. She was viciously attacked by the misogynistic sexist on the radio and TV, saying ‘ditch the witch’ because their sexist attitude didn’t agree with a woman should run the country, and the wealthy tycoons attacked her because it threatened their income, and shares price. We even had them taking out private advertising admonishing her because of how she dressed, and cut her hair. One such disgusting man Rupert Murdock even flew from his new home in America back to Australia to instruct the newspapers he owns here to forge a campaign against her so she would loose the next election.

While this was going on, we who thought she was fantastic could do little to convince these powerful entities of the benefits of her strategy. It was called a carbon tax and any rise in taxes is another way to manipulate the masses. And big business don’t like to pay taxes.

Unfortunately she lost the election and the carbon reduction strategy was abolished by the incoming conservative government but not in time to stop the results of the levels of emissions from being recorded and released to the public. And they had reduced, slowly to start with but increasingly they the emissions dropped.

You see what the big companies had developed were ways to reduce their carbon footprint because if not they’d have to pay a ‘tax’ or fine. So they invested that money into changes in their emissions levels. We know this because Australia’s levels for that time began to come down. But sadly the new ‘Conservative Government’ stopped the tax and instead PAID big business to reduce their emissions, which of course they didn’t and the emissions went up, and the average tax payers paid that bill. This was 10 years ago and we still have no emissions target plan.

You see it’s not just education that will change people, it will help, but it’s about heart not head, greed not paying, many conservative government strategist are highly educated people but they deny due to greed not education. In fact they use their education to plan counter attacks by calling Democrat’s or caring people ‘communists or socialist’ both considered dirty words.

You know I like to think of this human trait of selfless and greed from a basic attitude that was evident at the beginning of time. When God said to Cain, "Where is Abel your brother?" And he said, "I do not know. Am I my brother's keeper?" (Genesis 4:9, NASB)

Now I believe the answer to that question is a definite yes. We should be there for each other, we should care for each other. God as it turns out didn’t answer Cain and maybe left it up to us to develop in our own hearts if we care enough about our fellow brothers and sisters in the human race. I care, and so did my Prime Minister:

Her Name was Julia Gillard.

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