Argument for teacher.

My science teach mer (i know ironic) has recently stated in class global warming is no cause for concern. These are the arguments he made

  1. Anerobic bacteria produce way more co2 than humans could

  2. In the 80s they used the actor for spock to do a special on how the earth was gonna freeze so just cause "a couple" scientists say something doesnt make it true.

  3. The earth wont warm up because the oceans are so masive they just absorb all the heat because water needs so much energy to change temp

He had other claims but i was far to annoyed to pay that much attention and hes a really smart guy but cmon really he said that if people are pushing something that hard that they are just trying to distract you from something else so dont let these climate accusations distract you from something bigger they dont want you to know.

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Updated: October 9, 2019 — 3:56 am

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