British farmers are not the enemy in the battle against the climate crisis | Joe Stanley

As a cattle farmer I come under constant criticism, but UK livestock production is among the most sustainable in the world

I am a farmer, the third generation to grow crops and pedigree beef cattle on my family’s modest farm on the edge of the picturesque Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire. Summer and autumn is primarily given over to long days of harvesting and planting crops while our 150 traditional longhorn cattle munch at grass; in the long winter nights, they come indoors to shelter and chew at hay harvested and stored in the spring.

Most of you reading this, I would wager, are not directly associated with agriculture. It might therefore be assumed that there’s a gulf between our plains of existence, that we do not and cannot understand each other. I believe this is a false assumption.

Sustainable British agriculture will most likely be sold down the river in any quick free trade agreements

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