Call For German Television To Censor Climate Science/Green Energy Critics After Fritz Vahrenholt Appears On Talk Show

Reaction to German Phoenix television talk show with Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt

By Axel Robert Göhring

Many viewers were surprised: Phoenix, the joint news channel of ARD and ZDF (“Das ganze Bild”), invited Fritz Vahrenholt to a climate discussion round, although he had just slammed the climate ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court on Roland Tichy’s site.

In the broadcast, the former environmental senator from Hamburg did not present himself as a “climate denier,” but passionately demanded that the physical-technical realities of the green energies not be ignored.

In particular, he emphasized that after the shutdown of coal and nuclear power plants, there would not be enough electricity to the grid to supply all consumers, and therefore pleaded for a renaissance of nuclear power, as is the case with our neighbors. Politics, as is well known, is the art of the possible, and constant dripping wears away the stone, it is to be hoped.

The moderator hardly allowed a free debate between the participants and gave the floor one after the other, well aware that otherwise at least Neubauer would have wielded the rhetorical crowbar as on Anne Will.

Journalist Sara Schurmann, who had worked for Funk (and Die Zeit), demanded after the talk show that public television put on its own shackles and no longer invite climate deniers so that no false views would be broadcast over the airwaves (hat- tip to Michael Krüger). The formerly renowned BBC, of all places, has been doing this for a year now.

Reaktionen zur Phoenix-Talkshow mit Fritz Vahrenholt: „Richtlinien für Klimaberichterstattung nötig!“

This demand is quite funny because Vahrenholt did not comment on the catastrophe theory in principle at all, but only named the problems of the green energy transition that are coming in any case. Actually Neubauer, Göpel and Schurmann should be grateful to him for trying to save their ideals.

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