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Great Barrier Reef Warming, Coral Bleaching Driven By Cloud Radiative Forcing, Not Humans

For decades Great Barrier Reef (GBR) warming and coral bleaching have often been assumed to be driven by human greenhouse gas emissions and/or El Niño events. But a new study finds a much larger and more robust correlation between natural cloud cover modulation of solar radiation, shallow-water warming, and bleaching. It has taken over 260 […]

Green incentives usually help the rich. Here’s how the Build Back Better Act could change that.

If the Build Back Better Act, Democrats’ $2.2 trillion climate and social welfare bill, passes the Senate later this month, it will come with thousands of dollars in incentives and tax credits for electric cars, solar panels, heat pumps, e-bikes, and even electric motorcycles. A family could get up to $12,500 off an electric car; […]

Unforced Variations: Dec 2021

This month’s open thread on climate science topics. The post Unforced Variations: Dec 2021 first appeared on RealClimate.

Making predictions with the CMIP6 ensemble

The CMIP6 multi-model ensemble is a unique resource with input from scientists and modeling groups from around the world. [CMIP stands for the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project, and it is now in its 6th Phase]. But as we’ve discussed before (#NotAllModels) there are some specific issues that require users to be cautious in making predictions. […]

Research Shows Cold Far More Deadly Than Heat, 10 Times More In Brazil, 20 Times More In South Africa

More warming would save lives A new, comprehensive Lancet study shows that far more people are being killed globally by cold weather than by hot weather. Die kalte Sonne here looks at the impacts of temperature extremes on mortality. There’s no doubt that extreme weather kills more people. But the question in these times of […]

A freeway ripped the heart out of Black life in Detroit. Now Michigan wants to tear it down.

This story is published in collaboration with BridgeDetroit. In 1945 in Detroit, Michigan, a man who is believed to be the first African-American independent record producer opened up a blues and gospel record store called Joe’s Record Shop. The store was lined with vinyl records and music posters, with a big, upright piano in the back. […]

5 Simple Ways to Introduce Your Kids to Environmentalism

5 simple ways to introduce your kids to environmentalism - 5 Simple Ways to Introduce Your Kids to Environmentalism

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Reducing Emissions to Lessen Climate Change Could Yield Dramatic Health Benefits by 2030

In Brief: Air quality improvements resulting from a worldwide reduction in greenhouse gas emissions could benefit human health and prevent economic losses, according to new research by scientists from NASA, Duke University, and Columbia University. New research shows that improved air quality caused by reducing emissions from burning fossil fuels and other sources could improve […]

NASA Data On Global Sea Ice Area Shows A Growth Equal To The Size Of Belgium Since 1982!

Global Sea Ice Area Data analyst Zoe Phin just posted some interesting, surprising results on global sea ice area. Data sources like the National Snow and Ice Data Center show global sea ice has been” drastically decreasing for a long time” and so we need to panic and overhaul the entire carbon economy. We hear this […]

Sustainable banking is an important part of addressing climate change

As the United States cautiously re-opened this summer, many people had questions about returning the world as it was. The first post-lockdown summer earned the unenviable distinction of being the hottest ever recorded. July 2021 was the planet’s warmest July ever, with ever more examples of the climate crisis’ dangerous extremes, from megafires of epic […]