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How weatherization can be a win-win for struggling Americans

Unemployment and the shift to remote work have confined many U.S. workers to their homes for much of the past year and half. But some are struggling to keep their homes adequately lit, heated, and cooled. According to a recent Census Bureau survey, more than 37 million Americans have been unable to pay an energy […]

Oceans Were More ‘Acidic’ In The 1730s…Today’s CO2 Levels Are Geologically Trifling

A new study shows ocean pH (“acidification”) levels naturally vary seasonally and decadally at rates and magnitudes far exceeding those attributed to anthropogenic activity. In recent decades the oceans’ average pH level has fallen to 8.1 according to NOAA. This pH value is said to be about one-tenth of a unit lower than it was […]

Underestimating the impact of climate change and flash flooding

Hey team, Not sure if it’s because I’m originally from Australia, but when I thought of the main environmental impacts of the climate crisis in the past, I’ve always thought in terms of increased bush fires and rising sea levels. I think this summer, we’ve seen a number of events that suggest flash flooding may […]

No, eradicating poverty is not gonna mess with climate goals

For years, environmental researchers have been trying to understand if providing a decent living for everyone on Earth would be at odds with reaching our most ambitious climate goals. After all, eradicating poverty means consuming more energy: paving new roads, building hospitals and schools, and providing decent housing with clean water and heating. Some researchers […]

California seeks to make its low-carbon living more affordable

Moving to a city is one of the best ways to shrink your carbon emissions: Apartments are more energy efficient than single-family homes, and public transportation works better in urban areas. But many of the most environmentally friendly cities in America have closed their doors to newcomers with regulations that make new housing expensive, and […]

The definitive CO2/CH4 comparison post

There is a new push to reduce CH4 emissions as a possible quick ‘win-win’ for climate and air quality. To be clear this is an eminently sensible idea – as it has been for decades (remember the ‘Methane-to-markets’ initiative from the early 2000s?), but it inevitably brings forth a mish-mash of half-remembered, inappropriate or out-of-date […]

Body Of Evidence: All Of Antarctica Is Cooling… Peninsula Cooling Since Long Before Greta Was Born

The IPCC 6th Report seems to have missed a lot, hasn’t it? Recent publications since the 5th Report show ALL OF ANTARCTICA, including the peninsula, has cooled since the late 1990s.  Friday I wrote about how the entire continent of Antarctica (except its peninsula) was found by leading scientists to be cooling significantly. The publication […]

Fossil-Fuel Companies Spent Millions to Play up Your Carbon Footprint

fossil fuel companies spent millions to play up your carbon footprint - Fossil-Fuel Companies Spent Millions to Play up Your Carbon Footprint

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What is the Paris Climate Agreement? A Summary (2021)

what is the paris climate agreement a summary 2021 - What is the Paris Climate Agreement? A Summary (2021)

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LA County moves to ban oil and gas drilling

When it comes to blocking oil and gas drilling, the Golden State has sometimes fallen short of its deep green reputation. But that may be changing after supervisors in Los Angeles County unanimously voted on Wednesday to end oil and gas drilling in the county’s unincorporated areas.  The move puts the nation’s most populous county […]