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Weatherwatch: how the humble salp is helping to fight the climate crisis

The gelatinous creature sucks up organisms that absorb CO2 and leaves droppings rich in carbon at the bottom of the sea Salps are jelly-like sea creatures, so humble that few people even know they exist. But there are countless numbers of them swimming in the world’s oceans and they help fight climate change. Salps cruise […]

UK failing to protect against climate dangers, advisers warn

It is ‘absolutely illogical’ not to tackle the risks of heatwaves and power blackouts, says Climate Change Committee The UK government is failing to protect people from the fast-rising risks of the climate crisis, from deadly heatwaves to power blackouts, its official climate advisers have warned. The climate change committee said action to improve the […]

Climate crisis to hit Europe’s coffee and chocolate supplies

Increasing droughts in producer nations will also make palm oil and soya imports highly vulnerable, study finds Coffee and chocolate supplies in Europe soon could be disrupted by the climate crisis as droughts hit producer countries, according to a study. The research also found a high vulnerability for palm oil imports, used in many foods […]

Wealthy countries’ climate shift leaves Australia isolated from closest allies

While the G7 calls for a ‘green revolution’ to deal with an ‘existential crisis’, it is no clearer if Scott Morrison will formally embrace a net zero target In an Australian context, the climate message from the weekend G7 summit is clear: the world’s biggest and richest democracies are acknowledging what the science demands and […]

All hot air: UK commits to climate action but not to new funding

Boris Johnson announces £500m for ‘blue planet fund’, but pledge was contained in 2019 Conservative manifesto Environmental campaigners stage ‘festival-type’ protests at G7 G7 summit protests – in pictures Boris Johnson has set out his intention to “build back better for the world”, to protect the natural environment and wildlife, and tackle the climate crisis, […]

Environmental campaigners stage ‘festival-type’ protests at G7

World leaders called upon to put the ocean first and respond to the demands of climate change Thousands of protesters, young and old, took to the sea and the beaches and streets of Cornwall to try to make their voices heard by the G7 leaders. Arguably, the most picturesque demonstration took place off Gyllyngvase Beach […]

Last chance to reverse the UK’s shameful international aid cuts | Letters

Desmond Whyms on the opportunity this weekend’s G7 meeting presents for global leaders to put pressure on the British government. Plus, Henrietta L Moore on what leaders must do to genuinely ‘Build Back Better’ World leaders are meeting this weekend a few miles from my home in Penzance, Cornwall, in what could be our best […]

Prince Charles urges businesses to help lead way on climate

Prince says private-sector innovation and finance is vital, otherwise ‘we just don’t stand a chance’ Prince Charles has said businesses must lead the way alongside governments in tackling the climate emergency. Before the start of the G7 summit in Cornwall on Friday, he told a gathering of political and business leaders that private-sector cash and […]

Texas Republican asks: can we fix the moon’s orbit to fight climate change?

‘I’d have to follow up with you on that one,’ says forestry official Jennifer Eberlien to bizarre question from Louie Gohmert The Texas Republican congressman Louie Gohmert has asked a senior US government official if changing the moon’s orbit around the Earth, or the Earth’s orbit around the sun, might be a solution for climate […]

Why is it so hard to stop global warming? A political and technical analysis. For more than three decades the world’s diplomats have been hammering out agreements on global climate change. So far, there is little evidence that all this diplomacy has had much impact. This talk will look at the fundamental technological and economic factors that explain why political and diplomatic progress has been slow. It will […]