Climate Activists Love Their “Brilliant” Ideas…Until They Actually Have To Live Them. Harmon’s E-Car “Nightmare”

Another case of a Green dreams clashing with bitter reality

It’s always entertaining to watch green activists promote their ideas as being brilliant – so much so that the rest of us are often just too stupid to understand them – and then watch them piss and moan about how lousy these ideas and schemes are working out when they actually try to live them. here reports on how “former San Luis Obispo mayor and climate change activist Heidi Harmon attempted to ‘do the right thing,’ and travel to a rally in San Francisco in an electric car.”

Here’s “a collage of portions of Harmon’s videos”:

According to CalCoastNews, “Harmon spearheaded an effort last summer to enact a SLO city energy policy requiring all-electric new buildings” and then later “stepped down from her mayoral seat in August to battle climate change.” She probably doesn’t even realize that that electricity is in large part produced by those terrible fossil fuels.

During her trip in her electric car to the San Francisco solar energy rally, she ran into all sorts of problems finding charging stations and the apps needed for that task. “Finding a charging station, honestly, has been a nightmare,” says e-car shell-shocked Harmon. Finally she finds a charging station, but then is shocked that the charging won’t be done until 7:30 p.m. – long after the rally has ended.

It’s reported she had posted the series videos at the Lets Green CA Instagram page, but then deleted some of them – probably because it was just all too embarrassing. And, “Harmon disabled her personal Instagram page” as well.

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