Climate Change/Existential Support Group

Does anyone know of any support groups?

I have had a quick look around after seeing David Attenboroughs address to the UN security council (which Russia has veto'd to stop action from taking place) and didn't really find much.

Or is anyone with any skills/experience in such things willing to collaborate on forming one?

I have no experience in such a thing, however I genuinely believe we need to start forming support groups to prepare for the onslaught of people waking up who will inevitably face existential crisis.

Forming a community in which we can share with one another may just help us progress faster through any existential depression/crisis, rather than going it alone which takes time as one has to work their own way through. Doing so may also help us be in a better position to start addressing change on a large scale sooner as we would have a base community of global citizens who are aware of the path we are on.

I recognise it's a complex topic, but I genuinely believe there are so many benefits to forming such support groups.

If anyone knows of any such groups, please comment below.

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