Climate History Researcher: Arctic Ice Sees 18-Year High For January 3rd…Also More Ice Than 100 Years Ago!

Arctic sea ice refuses to melt…there’s more ice today in some Arctic regions than 100 years ago. 

Climate science skeptic rock star Tony Heller of presents more inconvenient data on Arctic sea ice. Ice levels are perfectly within the normal range of the past 100 years.

Arctic sea ice data reaches 18-year high for January 3rd

First Tony presents the latest data on Arctic sea ice extent for this date.

“Arctic sea ice extent is the highest in 18 years,” reports the leading manmade global warming skeptic. “The global warming scam is collapsing in real time, even as the press and government ramp up the lies.”

climate history researcher arctic ice sees 18 year high for january 3rdalso more ice than 100 years ago


Tony also points out: “Antarctica just had their coldest six months on record,” a fact the mainstream media and government agencies have done everything to keep a lid on.

More ice today than 100 years ago

Diving deep into the newspaper archives, Tony also discovered old articles dating 100 years ago and noted in his post last month that the Arctic back then had been warming rapidly and the area of Svalbard had even been ice free.

“But there is lots of ice around Svalbard now,” Tony shows:

climate history researcher arctic ice sees 18 year high for january 3rdalso more ice than 100 years ago 1


Unfortunately Twitter has stopped Tony from presenting these embarrassing facts and deleted his account. But you can follow him at:

When you only listen to the media, then you’ll wind wind up worrying about climate change. But when you look at the historical record and facts and compare them to today, then you’ll see things are pretty normal.

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