Climate Issue Hardly Matters Anymore…. Austria, Germany, Europe Race Towards Medical Tyranny

The climate issue has become the least of my worries lately. I’ve found over the last couple weeks that blogging about climate is feeling more and more like a trivial use of time.

What’s really worrying is the exploding medical tyranny in Europe, which is spreading like an Australian bushfire on a windy day. The panic is complete and the hysteria has reached what to me has become a shocking level like I’ve never seen before in my life.

Widespread irrationality, hysteria

Facts and real data don’t matter anymore. Even people ,who I once thought were highly educated, have become hysterical and impervious to even rudimentary reasoning. They’re convinced (brainwashed) the unvaccinated are the biggest threat to public safety and that they are occupying all hospital beds and overwhelming the ICUs. Increasingly unvaccinated people are being viewed as the source of all of society’s ills and the sole obstacle preventing life from returning to normal.

Though the numbers tell us that the average person has a 98% chance of recovering once infected, the majority of Europeans act as if it’s the other way around: 98% death rate and only a 2% survival rate. And it’s all the fault of the unvaccinated, who make up about 30% of Germany’s population.

Making life unbearable

Germany is now getting set to lockdown the unvaccinated once and for all. The plan is to make life for them unbearable to the point they’ll succumb and allow themselves to be injected regularly with the medically adventurous nanotech dope.

And whenever shimmers of hope appear that governments might concede their strategies and the vaccines are failures, they instead double down and become even more draconian. Ignoring and bypassing Constitutional law is usual.

Life in Germany and Austria has become extremely depressed and suppressed. People walk around with faces covered by masks and keeping distance from one another. Distrust is everywhere, everyone is being viewed as a potential lethal pathogen. The paranoia here is surreal.

Returning back to America?

I’m beginning to wonder for the first time if it may be time to move back to USA after more than 30 years of life here. Two years ago that thought would not have ever occurred. But everything has since has changed dramatically.

Today in neighboring Austria, conservative Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg is reported to impose a general lockdown from Monday (November 22) and that the vaccination will become compulsory from February 1st, 2022. That comes just a few days after the country implemented a nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated, which came into force last Monday (November 15). So heightened is the sense of panic and hysteria.

Military-like occupation

Right now people 12 years and older are only permitted to go outside for essential activities such as work, attending classes, grocery shopping. Military-like police have a presence as if the country is under military occupation. Any unvaccinated person breaking the rules can be fined up to €1,450. Beatings by on the streets by the police take place routinely. No one seems to care about police brutality anymore.

Opinion polls show that the majority vaccinated think it’s okay for the minority unvaccinated to be severely oppressed and coerced into medical submission. In their view, the filth is finally off the streets and the place feels safer now. Compulsory vaccination is the final solution. The Nuremberg Code and its raison d’être today are just a faded memory.

We’ve gone from “2 weeks to flatten the curve” to being doped with nanotech every 6 months and martial law.

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