Communism Extra Stout! Moore, Gibbs Propose Killing Unborn, Revocation Of Property Rights To Save Planet

Although the newly released Planet of the Humans documentary takes a critical look at green energies, it creators take an even harsher view of western democracy and its free market system.

On Earth Day (April 22nd) film producer Michael Moore held a livestream podcast with director Jeff Gibbs and Ozzie Zehner, where they discuss their documentary and speak about what needs to be done.

Humans are the scourge

One thing is clear: When it comes to the planet, the trio are caught in a self-perpetuating spiral of pessimism which they’ll never be able to climb out of on their own. They view humans as a cancerous disease that has to be urgently stopped.

“The pandemic is because the earth is very upset with us. Timeout!” says Gibbs. “This timeout is good.”

“The planet has cancer,” Moore suggests.

“We are the most destructive creature that ever existed on the planet. We have to own that,” Gibbs adds.

Sold out to big corporations

Director Gibbs also says it’s “really sad” that the top 1% wealthy  – the real enemy” – are involved in the green movement. In their view, the planet is “in very serious, serious trouble” and we have lost our way. The environmental movement, they say, has sold out to big corporations.

Abolish all energy sources!

Moreover all three in the podcast agree that not only fossil fuels are bad, but so are green energies and nuclear. This leaves listeners to wonder: What’s left? Where are humans supposed to get their power from? Squirrel cages?

Megatons of complaint, zero solutions

For all the criticism they have for human activity today, they offer very little in terms of solutions. Instead they declare a profoundly radical yet vague transformation of how humans should live on the planet. “We need to take over the the entire environmental movement, to start a new one,” says Gibbs, one that is aimed at achieving “true sustainability”, which for Gibbs means “less of everything, sharing everything.”

The blueprint of the transformation they’re hinting at, however, hasn’t even reached the concept phase, has not even reached the infancy of being thought out. Yet, they insist it is what we need. They complain endlessly, but offer no real alternatives.

Doing away with property rights, “sharing more”

According to Gibbs, unbridled consumption is the problem. Humans need to start doing less, being lazier, to stop cutting the grass. He also suggests that the element of profit needs to be eradicated from all human activity. So do property rights.

To save the planet, Gibbs declares that humans need to be “sharing more”. Is it really necessary for everyone to own every thing? “Less is the new more,” says Gibbs.

Communism – Extra Stout!

Moore uses the example of sharing bicycles, or even cameras. Everything can be shared. Sharing of course, means no individual property rights. In their world, we’d have to wait 15 years just to get the chance to share a government-issued Lada, let alone own one.

Another way to save the planet, Moore suggests, is to kill the unborn. “You wanna save the planet, support Planned Parenthood.”

What they propose is worse than communism. It’s Communism – Extra Stout. Many people would in fact be denied existence.

When asked if they themselves may be behaving hypocritically when using technology, Gibbs seems to blame others for it, like he wouldn’t need to do it if everyone else just behaved properly. While preaching all this, Zehner is seen drinking from a plastic cup.

Education is bad for the planet?

Zehner even went on to suggest that advanced education is bad for the planet: “PhDs do not have a zero carbon or zero energy impact on the planet. It takes an enormous amount of infrastructure to support a society that educates people, and so when you start going back into the system and looking back at the overall footprint of nuclear, it starts to look a lot different.”

Getting a grip

Overall, Gibbs says it gets down to “getting a grip on ourselves”, and admits that he has not yet figured out how to restrain even himself.

During the podcast, Gibbs frets that since the pandemic began, “something like 20 million people” were born. “If we go back to normal, we’re just gonna go back to the same destruction.”

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communism extra stout moore gibbs propose killing unborn revocation of property rights to save planet

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