Controversy Swirls As Numbers Don’t Add Up… 1.3°C Missing Heat! – Earth Supposed To Be 16°C, But It’s Only 14.68°C

Even NASA says it:

Without the Earth’s greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere, the planet would be on average a frigid -18°C.

But because of the preindustrial 280 ppmv CO2 and other GHGs in our atmosphere, the average temperature of the Earth thankfully moves up by 33°C to +15°C (see chart below), based on the Stefan Boltzmann Law.

controversy swirls as numbers dont add up 1 3c missing heat earth supposed to be 16c but its only 14 68c


Global warming theorists say the Earth’s surface preindustrial temperature was supposed to be 15°C. And today CO2 is supposed to have warmed it another degree, to 16°C. Image:

And because CO2 has since risen to about 410 ppmv today, the global temperature supposedly should now be about another 1°C warmer (assuming positive feedbacks) bringing the average earth’s temperature to 16°C.

And once the preindustrial level of CO2 gets doubled to 560 ppm, later near the end of this century, global warming alarmists insist the Earth’s temperature will be near 18°C, see chart above.

So we are now supposed to be at 16°C today and warming rapidly. But what is the globe’s real average temperature today? 15.8C? 16.0C? 16.5°C?

Answer: astonishingly the official institutes tell us it is only 14.7°C!

For example, data from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) shows us the global absolute temperatures for the previous 5 years:

controversy swirls as numbers dont add up 1 3c missing heat earth supposed to be 16c but its only 14 68c

Image:, data source: WMO in Geneva.

As the image above shows, the global absolute temperature last year was just 14.68°C.

This is 0.32°C COOLER than the 15°C we are supposed to have with 280 ppmv, and a whopping 1.32°C cooler than the 16°C it is supposed to be with the 410 ppmv CO2 we have in our atmosphere today.

So why are we missing over 1.3°C of heat? Why is there this huge discrepancy between scientists?

German scientists say Earth temperature was 15.5°C – in 1990!

In May, 1990, even the German government stated in its major report on climate (BT-DRS 11/8030, p. 29) that the global average temperature back then was 15.5°C and that the natural temperature was supposed to be 15°C — like NASA says. The German government reiterated that figure in 1992.

In 2003, renowned German climate scientist Prof. Mojib Latif also confirmed in his book that 15°C was the “optimum temperature” for the Earth.

And in his 2003 doctorate dissertation, Tim Staeger wrote that the natural Earth’s temperature without man-made impacts is “about 15°C”.

In fact, practically all German textbooks used at schools today say that the “natural temperature” of the Earth due to the greenhouse effects of the atmosphere is a “life-friendly average of 15°C” instead of -18°C.

PIK scientist: “15°C in 1850”

Moreover, Potsdam institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) scientist Anders Levermann testified before the German Parliament last year, and confirmed that the global mean temperature of the Earth back in 1850 was 15°C, which means today it is supposed to be well over 16°C. So why is the WMO telling us it’s only 14.68°C and others like the PIK and NASA saying it’s about 16°C?

This massive discrepancy needs to be explained.

IPCC 2007 report in line with WMO

The IPCC indeed contradicts all the scientists and media who claim the global average temperature was 15°C back in 1850. Here’s the IPCC chart from the 2007 report:

controversy swirls as numbers dont add up 1 3c missing heat earth supposed to be 16c but its only 14 68c 1

How can 14.68°C be “too hot”?

As the chart above shows, the IPCC stated that the global mean temperature in 1850 was a relatively frigid 13.7°C – i.e. well below the “life-friendly” average of 15°C.

Today we are still below the 15°C, and so how can it be too hot?


There’s no doubt it’s gotten warmer since 1850, the peak of the Little Ice Age. But it’s clear nobody knows what the globe’s real average temperature is. Figures are being wildly tossed around. If we are to believe the IPCC’s 14.7°C figure, then we are still too cool and there is absolutely no warming crisis.

Scientists need to answer this question behind this huge discrepancy quickly. Would the real global temperature please stand up!

Hat-tip: Das Klimamanifest von Heiligenroth

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