Corona viruses effect on global warming

I was curious about everyones take (since I can't find any research anywhere being done on this probably because researchers are non essential) about how the global country shutdowns and the shutdowns of factories is effecting weather patterns. It's no secret that around the world the shut down has effectively cleaned air, like places in Thailand where some of their cities are always covered in a thick layer of smog, for the first time in YEARS people are able to see clear sky again. I also noticed the weather patterns seem to be cooling things down, when looking at the pattern we have been seeing in the area of the world I live in, it should be warming up, instead we are getting rain, it's still really cool, the air is crisp and fresh smelling for once. Which is what it's supposed to be like out here in western washington. Do any of you have research, or noticed other things that has effectively changed since factories havent been running or people have been off roadways.

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Updated: June 16, 2020 — 1:54 am

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