Current ECMWF 45-Day Forecast Contradicts Recent Claims Of Another “Record-Breaking Summer” For Europe!

So far no signs of another super hot-dry summer for Europe, which media have been alarming about. 

Veteran Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann tweeted the 45-day projections for Europe.

In terms of precipitation, Europe saw drought conditions over the past two summers (2018 and 2019) and climate alarmists claimed this would be the new normal. And recently the European public got bombarded by media reports stemming from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) of a blistering super hot and dry summer this year.

But look what the ECMWF now projects for the next 45 days (upper chart). Kachelmann comments: “Even according to the latest 46-day trend of the ECMWF, which runs to mid-July, the drought summer seems to be completely called off for the time being.”

And in terms of temperature, see the lower chart, nothing unusual is projected to happen over the next 45 days. The Swiss meteorologist notes: “A ‘hot summer’ was never in the forecasts, and it seems it’ll stay that way at least until mid-July, even if it gets more summery again later in June.”

Keep in mind these long range forecasts come with much uncertainty, and change with every run. But right now it looks like all the recent doomsday projections of a scorched euro-summer were overblown.

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