Do we deserve to live?

I don't mean to be hyperbolic nor do I want any pity/attention I simply ask: Do we deserve to live? This may have been asked here before or on another subreddit but I couldn't find it.

If we accept that humans cause climate change and that it is up to the individual to change their habits so as to help avert this coming crisis. Then killing yourself is the best way to stop your own output of co2. Even if you lead the most environmentally friendly life you possibly can, you are still doing more harm than if you weren't here at all.

Unless you're going to be/are some sort of scientist trying to make this right you are just wasting other peoples resources that they might have used to actually help our species.

To reiterate I don't want to die nor do I think I will kill myself but I do think that if I was a truly good person I should.

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