Does the hiatus in sea temperature expected rising nullify the anthropogenic global warming stance?

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For a while, I was having an argument with someone on the internet in the comment section of a video. Initially, they stated rhetorically that climate, as with every other thing, has the right to change. I then presented my counterpoint stating that changes are, of course, always expected but the rate of change at which it currently chalks up to be is unprecedented. My opposition then responded that naturally-occurring volcanic activities cause far more impact on CO2 concentration, and that human's fossil-fuels-burnings are dwarfed in comparison, and thus bear little responsibility. After that, I listed my counterarguments, which include : 1. The immensely-increasing level of CO2 atmospheric concentration, which I added that it closely follows human's progressively industrialised environment. 2. The apparent correlation between the increased CO2 and atmospheric temperature (as can be assumed from Antarctic ice temperature) 3. Hansen et al's Earth's energy imbalance, which indeed is shown to be on a steady rise. 4. To further solidify my claim, I also included the spectrum of greenhouse gases radiation to depict how CO2 really outperforms other types of greenhouse gases such as water vapour for example.

They replied back saying that countless projections that predict the rise in seawater temperature do not match the reality, which appears to be in….well a hiatus. The source they provided sounds promising, and they might be right as far as I have checked. So, as the title suggests, I wonder if that should alter my view regarding anthropogenic climate change. Any source that could outweigh the given predicament would be greatly appreciated. P.S. Prior to the current phase, there was already a fallacious report favouring my standpoint he pointed out which was proven to be faked up to match certain political agenda. I accepted it, and that makes me question my own beliefs that humans are the primary cause of climate change as well as global warming. P.P.S. The aforementioned video comment section is now no longer accessible, perhaps the original commentor deleted it.

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