Don’t panic! We’re doing our bit on climate crisis | Letters

Readers respond to a report about the government’s ‘Dad’s Army’ climate crisis preparations and other letters and articles related to global heating

Michael Barrett (Letters, 9 July) calls upon the religions to join with ecologists to take action on climate change as it offers “a compelling cause” to tackle declining memberships. We are already on board. Since Pope Francis’s letter to the world, Laudato Si’, Catholics have been reflecting on how we can work for climate justice. Thousands of our churches now run on renewable energy, while thousands of parishioners have taken to the streets to demand political action.

Last month, for instance, nearly 1,500 Cafod supporters joined people from other faith communities as part of a climate and environment lobby of parliament. Some 12,000 people of all faiths and none travelled from across the country to speak to more than 350 MPs about the political and economic decisions needed if the UK is to reach net-zero emissions. And faith leaders undertook a Walk of Witness down Whitehall to show our commitment to protecting creation and our poorest sisters and brothers – those who will pay the greatest price if we fail to urgently cut emissions.

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