DWD Reverses: Admits Data From Germany’s Infamous Ultra-Hot Lingen Weather Station Need To Be Rechecked

Recently I wrote here how Germany’s now infamous record-setting weather station in Lingen was producing readings that were 2-3°C hotter than surrounding stations, yet the German DWD weather service refused to acknowledge the station was likely producing bad data. Today they admit the station has problems and that they will be moving it to a better location.

Last year’s all-time record high is now in question.

Lingen’s heated readings

Last summer the Lingen station, located in northwest Germany near the Dutch border, smashed the country’s all-time record high when the ‘mercury’ rose to a scorching 42.6°C during a late July heat wave. The previous all-time high for Germany was a comparatively cool 40.3°C.

dwd reverses admits data from germanys infamous ultra hot lingen weather station need to be rechecked - DWD Reverses: Admits Data From Germany’s Infamous Ultra-Hot Lingen Weather Station Need To Be Rechecked

Lingen’s readings of late July 2019 compared to other stations in the surrounding region (July 23 – July 27).

Today, t-online.de reports that Germany DWD national weather service has now reversed and realized that something may be very wrong with the Lingen station after all, and so will relocate it and examine its recorded data.

“The weather station in Lingen: The DWD will not publish the temperatures measured here anymore – there are doubts about the data,” T-online reports. “Now it is being relocated.”

Moreover, the temperature measurements previously recorded at the station will be checked, and there are now doubts whether last year’s all time record will be allowed to stand.

“Astonishing temperature values”

“We don’t know yet whether the value will stand,” admitted a DWD spokesperson on Friday. “Again and again and more and more frequently astonishing temperature values” had been coming from Lingen.

The DWD experts believe the distorted values are linked to “certain weather conditions,  especially on hot summer days when there is little wind. The station in Lingen is located in a depression and is now surrounded by trees, which means the air gets stuck in place and so heats up.

The decision to stop using data from the current Lingen station and to relocate it represents a position reversal by the DWD. Earlier the DWD had told Bild daily how it planned to stick to the Lingen readings, deeming them to be of good scientific quality and that an earlier site assessment had found that the station conditions had “no serious influence on the temperature measurements” and therefore “did not contradict the WMO standards.”

The DWD now acknowledges the station has siting issues and its data are suspicious after a number meteorologists criticized the station’s poor siting.

“The quality of our measurements has the highest priority,” said Jürgen Schreiber, DWD’s Chief Technical Officer. “We have decided to no longer publish the observational data from the Lingen station, but to use them internally for scientific tests only”.

The DWD spokesman said a second sensor would be used to measure the temperature at another location in parallel. Though after two days it is still too early to make scientific statements, but already there have been noticeable deviations in the temperature measurements. Now the tests are to be carried out with meticulousness.

T-online.de confirms that construction work for a new location has begun and that by next spring there could be temperature data coming from Lingen again.

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