Energetic Constraints on Model Errors in Precipitation

energetic constraints on model errors in precipitation - Energetic Constraints on Model Errors in Precipitation


Climate models can have significant errors in global precipitation, particularly for the tropics. In his talk, Professor Jakob will explain how likely the climate model rainfall errors in the tropics are the result of errors in radiative cooling due to the misrepresentation of tropical cirrus and/or subtropical boundary layer clouds ,as they are the result of errors in the cumulus parametrization. Professor Christian Jakob is the Professor for Climate Modelling at Monash University. His career has focused on advancing our understanding of the role of the tropics in the Earth’s energy and water cycles. In particular, he developed new approaches for the representation of tropical convective systems in weather and climate models. He has contributed to the development of several of the major weather and climate models across the globe. This is a recorded presentation from the Center for Climate Sciences at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory dated Dec 6, 2018.

Updated: March 29, 2020 — 7:12 am

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