We have only one planet to live If we don't wake up on time nothing can stop these environmental Disaster which we are facing and hearing everyday cyclone Fani one of the most severe storm yo hit the region more than one million people evacuated means there life was in danger , cyclone NISARGA in Maharashtra , Amazon rainforest fire where 33 million species lived there , Australian bushfire 2019 billion of animals killed we all are interconnected , we all depend on each other why not human are understanding the simple physics, kerala Elephant killed we are killing the humanity , dont know whether we are provide a sustainable Environment for next generation or may humans will destroying their own home planet, nature, Environment don't know where we are going we have to aware the society and we have to taken some major step to prevent these unnecessary climate change this video is tribute to inrefernce of world environment day as a awareness emotional and motivational videoworld environment awarness #saveourearth

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Updated: June 5, 2020 — 6:12 pm

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