Environment? Why should I care?

'What does that have to do with me?'

'That is fake news stop your paranoia'

'Sure but it's not happening in my country'

'Yes I understand it's an issue but we can deal with it bit by bit'

'Man I can't even get a job and you want me to what?'

'Surely somebody is doing something about it'

'Of course environment is important but what about the economy?'

These are some of the thoughts that were going through my head before I did actual research into the various topics. I see these assumptions happening all the time whenever I have conversations about the topic or browse various forums and community websites. Here is a brief overview for people who still aren't fully aware of what is going on.

Talking Points :

00:00 Intro

00:35 Perception

00:57 Media noise

01:51 Moving parts

02:15 Way forward

02:42 Now you

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