‘Extinction Rebellion’ (XR) Followers Want Humans To Go Extinct…”Humans Are The Disease!”

If there is still anyone out there with doubts over XR’s radical human-hating, cult-like agenda in their march against fossil fuels, capitalism and evil CO2 emitters, here is evidence from members of the now Twitter-suspended XR East Midlands Twitter account:

extinction rebellion xr followers want humans to go extincthumans are the disease

So humans going extinct is a good thing, and they hope the Corona virus will be super deadly – enough so as to wipe out the entire human species.

This spite went so far overboard that even the main XR organization had to issue the following denunciation – a day later – after the public backlash got too intense:

Though they claim to have nothing to do with these radical views, it goes to show what kind of lunatics and hatred indeed do gravitate towards the XR, FFF, Antifa, etc. movements and their marches. How about putting these groups under observation?

XR can claim to distance themselves from these outrageous statements all they want, but these hate genes are embedded in the DNA of their movement. Two Twitter readers noted:

German hip-hop group glad people are dying

Not long ago at a concert, German hip-hop group KIZ told its wildly cheering audience that the Corona virus was good because: “The truth is only old white guys die from it!”

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extinction rebellion xr followers want humans to go extincthumans are the disease

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