Former Public Health Official Calls Global Handling Of COVID-19 “A Crime Against Humanity”…Warns Of Shoddily Made Vaccines”.

In a controversial interview, German doctor Wolfgang Wodarg – now Germany’s science public enemy No. 1 – called the response to the COVID-19 virus by governments and health authorities “a crime against humanity” and that they be put on the dock for “negligent homicide”.

Using panic to extort the public… lobbyists for the pharmaceutical industry… the scandal of hydroxychloroquine and the WHO…the dangers of a half-baked vaccine…panicking people into accepting vaccinations, surveillance and restrictions.

The video, released on May 31st dubbed “A Crime Against Humanity“, has been viewed already 150,000 times and delivers a dramatic message that the German media-political monopoly do not want to hear: Hysteria, corruption, and gross negligence surround the COVID-19 crisis.

Robbed freedom by causing a panic

The 73-year old Wodarg first says that the COVID-19 bug was no worse than any other bad flu and that officials created panic among the citizens by using the results of a faulty test, thus robbing them of their freedom.

He accuses Germany’s Minister of Health Jens Spahn of being a lobbyist who collects data for the pharmaceutical industry and being corrupt. Wodarg also warns the public of tracking apps: “They want to extort you. They want to extort you to go along, to be afraid so that you accept being vaccinated. We are being told that this vaccine could save us. This a vaccine that has been rapidly and shoddily thrown together,” he says.

Dangerous vaccination proposals

Dr. Wodarg explains how it takes at least 5 years to produce a trustworthy vaccine and warns of the untold risks of something rushed onto the market.

“Now they want to vaccinate billions of people; it’s fully irresponsible to do that with such a vaccine. I can only say don’t let your children be vaccinated; don’t let yourself be vaccinated with such a negligently manufactured, rushed vaccine. It’s only to make money, and the money making works only because we are being extorted by the media and policy making through fear. It’s like mafia protection money.”

Hydroxychloroquine scandal

Dr. Wodarg also explains another grisly aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic, which he calls “a crime against humanity”: a well known drug for treating malaria, Wodarg said: “Suddenly all over the world, hydroxychloroquine was recommended. It was even given away for free by Bayer.” But with the drug comes lethal affects for people who come from tropical areas and thus have “an enzyme defect”, Wodarg explains. Many people from Africa have this enzyme characteristic, people from Brazil, Central America, but also people from the Mediterranean countries, says Wodarg.

When these people are administered the recommended dosage, then after two days they are unable to get air. And if you continue to give it to them, then they die. Every medical student knows this! And a doctor who uses this drug without checking for the enzyme is acting with gross negligence.”

Malpractice “borders on genocide”

He adds it doesn’t surprise him that people are dying. Wodarg cites a recent study where data from 96,000 patients infected by COVID-19 from 671 hospitals were examined. Of the large number who were treated with hydroxychloroquine, 30% to 40% more died. And when one looks at the black and Hispanic people, then over 50% more died. “That means they are the ones who were killed by the stuff, and what happened there borders on genocide. I think what happened here is gross negligence.”

“Case for prosecutors”

Wodarg points the finger at the WHO, suspecting that a certain number of people were to die in order to create fear: “…so that fear is generated in Africa, in Brazil, so that we take the illness seriously and say: oh, it’s really bad, and we urgently need the vaccine. That’s insidious; it’s diabolical what’s taking place here. This is not a case for immunologist, but for prosecutors!”

The former German health official says every medical student learns about hydroxychloroquine in the fourth semester.

On whether there is a way out of the mess, Wodarg comments:

We have to file a lawsuit, that it’s negligent homicide, at least this is happening internationally. I don’t know if there is a prosecutor in Geneva who would go to the WHO and say: ‘Stop, halt! The files please. I want to see them. Did you know it? Did you deal with that? Why not? You’re supposed to know this. You’re doctors after all.’ And this should apply to the health services.”

Black lives don’t matter: “going to kill 20 – 30%” in Africa 

Wodarg calls what’s happening with the use of hydroxychloroquine in tropical countries a “catastrophe”.

“They know they are going to kill 20 to 30% of the people with it.”

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