Fridays For Future Just Another Pathological Mind Job …Abusive Power Over Children

Lest anyone has wondered why the climate movement has shifted its focus over to children, it is because too many adults just refused to buy into the climate-Armageddon hoax.

It’s a fact: Children are very easy to manipulate and deceive.

Children – and adults with stunted intellectual development – are much easier to convince than adults who have been around the block of life a few times. Children are naive, inexperienced, lack insight and highly impressionable. This makes them vulnerable and thus really easy targets for climate radicals.

88 victims of sadism

Nothing illustrates this better than a recent story appearing in the Daily Mail here, where it is reported how a German sadist, via Skype, was able to successfully convince 88 young women to give themselves potentially lethal 230-volt shocks!

If one sicko is able to convince people to practically electrocute themselves, then imagine how easy it is for the media/organized activists to convince kids a climate doomsday is coming. It’s all based on the same bloody. The approach is the same in both cases:

1) First there’s an offender who derives pleasure through power over the victims
2) The offender claims to have great authority
3) The offender requests that their victims submit and obey
4) The offender claims it’s for a good cause
5) The offender promises the victims great reward for submitting
6) disaster results

1. Pleasure from sense of power

Just as the German ‘socket sadist’ derived his pleasure from the sense of power over his victims and sexual gratification, the climate radicals derive their pleasure from the control they have over today’s children.

2. Claim of authority

While the German socket sadist claimed to be a researcher conducting an experiment that would advance science and thus the common public good, climate radicals falsely claim to possess the scientific truth, and that they have everything under control and can be trusted.

“The victims believed he was a scientist and there was no danger to them to carry out the experiment, that’s why they agreed,” the Daily Mail quoted prosecutors. “But he appeared so serious,” one victim later said.

The socket sadist refused to be challenged. If his victims resisted cooperating, then they were made to feel guilty and inadequate. With climate radicals, they label dissenters as deniers and villains. The climate radicals also do not tolerate any questioning or dissent.

3, Request to sacrifice

The German socket sadist asked his young female victims to hurt themselves – all in the name of science. The climate radicals demand that their followers collectively subject themselves to hardship and accept going without the amenities we enjoy, while exempting themselves.

4. Do it for a good cause

The socket sadist promised his victims it was in service of science, a good cause they could feel good about. Likewise, the climate radicals falsely promise kids they will see a much brighter future-  but only if they submit and do as they’re told. It’ll save the planet if they do, they are told.

5. False promises of reward

While the “socket sadist” allegedly made false promises of money (up to €3,000) to his victims and assured them they were participating in the noble cause of advancing science, the highly organized and authoritarian climate radicals promise the kids that if they do as they are told, the planet will be rescued, will become a green paradise, and peace will reign.

And they won’t have to school on Fridays.

6. Will turn into a mess

Just as the socket sadist case turned into a disaster, so will the extreme climate movement of zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Ironically, defense lawyers for the socket sadist, Klaus W Spiegel and Matthias Bohn, are now claiming their client had diminished responsibility for his actions as he suffers from Asperger Syndrome and autism. Sound familiar?

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