German November Excess Deaths Reach 20%…Week 48 Excess Deaths Reach 28%! Nearly 2000 COVID Vaccine Deaths In 2021

Germany’s COVID-vaccine-related number of deaths may be as high as 40,000. Excess mortality 

Germany’s Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) recently published its latest report on COVID-vaccines.

Page 10, Table 2, shows that a total of 1,919 deaths have been reported for the COVID vaccines up to November 30th.

german november excess deaths reach 20week 48 excess deaths reach 28 nearly 2000 covid vaccine deaths in 2021

Source: Paul Ehrlich Institute

A 2017 bulletin issued by the PEI, however reports that only 5-10% of the cases are reported (pdf edition 1/2017, page 30). If that applies to the COVID vaccines, then the real number may be well over 20,000 deaths, possibly as high as 40,000 deaths. 

Almost 200,000 adverse events were reported over the time period, which means the real number could be in the millions.

Excess deaths on 2021

Meanwhile, a press release from the German Federal Statistics Office (Destatis) from December 14, 2021, reported that 92,295 people died in Germany in November 2021. This figure is 20% higher than the mean value (median) of the years 2017 to 2020. Note that these are preliminary death figures.
In the 48th calendar week (from 29 November to 5 December), the figures were 28% above the average value of the previous years:

german november excess deaths reach 20week 48 excess deaths reach 28 nearly 2000 covid vaccine deaths in 2021 1

Germany weekly excess deaths, up to December 9, 2021. Source: Destatis.

The total number of excess deaths for 2021 since January, has reached 50,362.

German site apolut here comments:

The numbers across Europe are similar to Germany and even there, the only difference between 2021 and previous years is vaccination. Until someone can give me another conclusive explanation for the observed excess mortality, I personally assume that it is mainly fatal vaccination damage. The ‘we don’t know’ is not enough of a counter-argument for me.”

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