German Scientists’ Climate Skeptic Book Soars To No. 1 On Amazon List For “Engineering And Technology”

A new book challenging the climate hysteria, which Greta has helped whip in Germany has hit the German bookshelves: Unerwünschte Wahrheiten. Was Sie über den Klimawandel wissen sollen” (Unwanted Truths. What You Need To Know About Climate Change):

german scientists climate skeptic book soars to no 1 on amazon list for engineering and technology

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“Unwanted Truths” has reached No. 1 at Amazon in the category “Engineering and Technology”, so it is the “bestseller” in this category. For “Books” it has climbed to no. 49 (Status: 17 Sept 2020; 21:20 hrs).

Natural cycles dominate

Climate alarmists like to claim that never before has it been as warm as today. But is that true? Were the recent temperature changes really caused by us humans alone? And what influence do the fluctuations in solar activity have? Authors Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt and geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning examine 50 topics in the book  to find the answers.

It turns out that large-scale natural cycles are very much at play, with the evidence showing that manmade climate change has been grossly exaggerated.

Media doing a poor job

“The book is based on the analysis of more than 2000 scientific peer-reviewed papers, government and IPCC climate reports and web resources,” wrote Lüning in a comment by email. “We found that many of the climate scare stories in the media have an additional angle. In many cases, the full range of natural variability is omitted because the historical reference period that was selected is too short to fully inform about the pronounced natural climate changes.”

Natural disasters put in a historical context

For example, when natural disasters of the last 150 years are placed in a climate historical context of the millennia, it becomes apparent that the simplistic depiction in the media does not do justice to the complex interrelationships and leads to fear and uncertainty. Overall, the book is a courageous statement against the overheated climate debate and all the alarmism and political showmanship surrounding climate policy.

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german scientists climate skeptic book soars to no 1 on amazon list for engineering and technology

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