German Solar Industry, Politicians, Call For Punishment Of Dissenters: “Sabotaging Climate Emergency Measures”

Climate science and energy policy dissenters may need to be prepared to get fined, maybe sent to a mental institution or even imprisoned. German climate crazies are calling for it!

german solar industry politicians call for punishment of dissenters sabotaging climate emergency measures
German solar lobby, politicians calling for fines and even imprisonment of climate science skeptics.

Solar industry lobby wants to punish climate emergency critics for sabotaging emergency measures

By Kalte Sonne
(Translated/edited by P. Gosselin) 

German public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk on December 25, 2019:

Climate scientist Johan Rockström thinks the declaration of a climate emergency is justified.

Rockström (Potsdam Institute Director):

The declaration of a “climate emergency” would make it possible to make really big decisions. …such as making things possible that are necessary but have not been considered realistic.“

This reminds in the diction of 24 March 1933, at that time the law was officially called: “Law to remedy the distress of the people and the Reich” and it served to abolish the Republic. Isn’t anyone suspicious?

What fits well here is an action of the solar industry lobby, which has made good business from the alleged climate catastrophe. Whoever criticizes the climate alarmism professionally is considered a troublemaker. So it fits in well with the picture that the Solarenergie Förderverein Deutschland e.V. (Solar Energy Association of Germany) is calling for the punishment of critics on its website. The address of the site is: . Here we read:

Wolf von Fabeck calls for punishment for those who trivialize the climate catastrophe:

Trivializing the climate catastrophe endangers the survival of mankind – do we have to accept this?

Why the trivializers cannot hide behind the fundamental right of freedom of expression

They even link to a PIK-alarm paper:

At the suggestion of the Fridays For Future demonstrators, Constance is now the first German city to declare a ‘climate emergency’ – a rather symbolic act – but one that shows what is needed. Mayor Burchardt explained that from now on all decisions to be taken by the city council must be assessed in terms of climate protection. At the same time, he called on the Federal Government to improve the legal framework for climate protection measures.

It is essential to ward off the danger decisively and to the best of our knowledge and belief, not only in Constance, but everywhere in Germany (everyone should first of all put their own house in order), and finally worldwide. In the case of climate catastrophe, the best knowledge is provided by the natural sciences, and not by those who trivialize it. What the trivializers do can be described as sabotage, and sabotage of emergency measures should be punished.”


A strong democracy must not accept this development. What is missing here is the legal threat of punishment within the Criminal Code – as already mentioned in the summary:

‘Anyone who plays down or denies the climate catastrophe in a way that is likely to disrupt, disparage or completely prevent the defense of the climate catastrophe under the Paris Climate Convention and its follow-up agreements will be punished with a fine of up to 300 days wages. In case of recurrence, the penalty is imprisonment.’

Such a threat of punishment in no way undermines the fundamental right to freedom of opinion. Also the freedom of opinion has, as already mentioned in the introduction, legal limits (Article 5, Paragraph 2, first half sentence German Law). For example, according to Paragraphs 185 to 187 of the German Criminal Code, insult, libel and slander are also sanctioned, because otherwise peaceful coexistence is not possible.”

Emergency laws, sabotage, punishment. This seemingly undemocratic argumentation is not entirely new in Germany. The last time it was heard was 80 years ago.

Note: The German Solar Energy Lobby also remarks:

Note: It is not the misled ones who should be punished, but the disinformers, the instigators, the authors and distributors of the fake news.”


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