Germans Jabbing In The Dark With The Delusional Hopes Something Works. Making It Up As They Go

Here’s how the COVID government policy is working in Germany: They’re just jabbing in the dark with the delusional hope something will work, praying not too much carnage will result.

germans jabbing in the dark with the delusional hopes something works making it up as they go

Just take the vax, it’ll protect you – maybe for decades, the media promised a lockdown-weary population early this year. You’ll be protected and things will get right back to normal. Get the jab!

Try the J&J – just one little prick! Oops, that didn’t work out so well. No worries, just top it off with an injection of the safer BioNTech instead. Take two shots if you started with it, and you’ll see 95% protection! That lockdown will end soon.

If you started with Astra Zeneca and didn’t die of a blood clot, yet had a rough time – well, sorry about that. Maybe better to avoid it later, so take the Moderna! Oh, that’s not quite working out, either, too many “very rare” adverse effects. Just top it off with BioNTech too, and then again 6 months later, and then again.

But that looks like it’s not gonna work out either, and so (if you haven’t died by now) you just got to keep taking more boosters. Meanwhile you’ll get to enjoy a few special privileges during the long lockdowns, which do occasionally get interrupted by brief spells of freedom.

And if you’ve become a bit concerned about safety and wish for something a little less dodgy, then not to fear! There’s another new soon-to be-approved vaccine that promises to be “even safer”. You see, it employs an old technology – hence the name Novavax! Here tiny particles are made from a laboratory-grown version of the spike protein of the coronavirus and act to coax the production of antibodies and T cells. Great chance it’ll offer years of protection and a return to the good old times. So give it a try when your next jab is due! If that doesn’t work at first, don’t give up – surely the following boosters will.

If you have already had COVID, then just wait six months and follow all the above.

So by now you might be asking: “Gee, how long will it take before we know for sure what works? No one knows! But c’mon, we can’t know unless we give it a try. Just keep trying, don’t give up! We’ll get there. Just throw it all in, trust the experts! Follow the science!

This is how it’s going. They’re just making it up as they go. Welcome to German public immunology.

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