Germany’s July Wind Energy Takes A Summer Vacation, Showing Country’s Renewable Energies Remain Unreliable

By Die kalte Sonne

(Translated/edited by P. Gosselin)

In a guest article in the German DIE ZEIT, Rainer Moormann and Anna Veronika Wendland recently mentioned the subject of the nuclear phase-out. There is a replica of it at, written by Nicole Weinhold. In it the author puts forward the idea that a simultaneous phase-out of coal and nuclear power is possible solely in Germany on the basis of a CO2 price. Unfortunately, she does not explain exactly how this should work. A pity.

Some of the readers’ comments take up this specifically and come to the conclusion that more capacity of renewable energies does not automatically mean more electricity from them. The windless months of June and July 2020 are a good example of this. The Fraunhofer Energy Chart shows July, 2020. First of all, the yield of wind power:

Power production in Germany in July, 2020

image003 12

As the chart above shows, mid July wind energy went on summer holidays, in addition to a number of off days throughout the month.

Shown next is the energy supply breakdown for July:

Net power generation in Germany in July 2020

image005 9

The gray shows the non-renewable energy share, the yellow depicts the renewable share. 

How do you replace 28% of electricity production when coal and nuclear power are no longer used?

How are you supposed to generate 50% of the electricity when renewables only have a 50% share in a summer month? As Ms Weinhold was told, scaling is not enough, because every number multiplied by zero is zero.

This all means Germany’s dream of being powered by renewable energies is a long way off.

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germanys july wind energy takes a summer vacation showing countrys renewable energies remain unreliable

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