Glacier melt and new potential for plagues

I am no expert, I am a 19 year old girl who just came back from a Glacier National Park visit. My visit to the park got my mind thinking. I don’t know if y’all have watched vwars on Netflix, but the first episode is about global warming, melting glaciers, and a possibility of a plague so bad that it “makes the bubonic plague look like a chicken pox party”.
We may not have a vampire uprising but the show is not far from the truth on the possibility of a very scary time ahead. It’s terrifying to observe the melting glaciers and to see what it looked like just 60 years ago. The glaciers are deteriorating at such a fast rate due to too much pollution in the air. Too much co2. Aka global warming. 60 years ago it was glacier topped peaks, no way in hell that you could swim in the rivers without freezing or it being frozen, and no where near 100 degrees. Today Glacier National Park is hot as hell, unnaturally hot, almost all green, tons of waterfalls, beautiful full lakes you can swim in. Yes it is as beautiful as it sounds. I swam in those melted glacier waters, I took pictures underneath those ice cold waterfalls. The hard truth is, it is not natural. 95 degrees? With lakes full of melted glaciers, glaciers that are thousands of years old. Anything could be in that water. Plagues that could have wiped out civilizations in the past and that were then preserved in the ice for millions of years. And I swam in it, I enjoyed it. Most beautiful place I’ve ever visited. Could that beauty and our comfort cost us civilization?

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