Glasgow Is Fake…Number Of Typhoons Formed In Pacific Has Trended Downward Significantly Since 1951!

Typhoon trends contradict the claims of doom and gloom being made by the chorus of climate bedwetters in Glasgow 

Charts by Kirye
Text by Pierre

The Glasgow climate conference has been a three-ring circus of doomsday clowns, all warning of ever increasing extreme weather events. But as hurricane trends have shown, most of it is baseless hysteria.

Pacific typhoons trending downward

As the 2021 tropical cyclone season for the northern hemisphere approaches its end, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) presents the latest data for Pacific typhoons — going back to 1951.

Data source: JMA.

The chart above shows the trend for the number of typhoons occurring for the January through October period. Contradictory to what the Glasgow Conference circus would like to have everyone believe, typhoons forming out in the Pacific have declined. If mankind is linked to typhoons, then the relationship is in fact a good one.

October typhoons down

Next we look at the JMA data for the number of typhoons formed in the month of October, also going back to 1951:

Data source: JMA.

Here as well the trend has been downward – in stark contrast to the baseless hysteria we’ve been hearing from Glasgow the past few days.

The trend for the number of typhoons formed each year since 1951 to 2020 has also been down:

Data source: JMA.

Indeed we see there’s been no upward trend going back to 1950.

Tropical storms for Australia trending down

At Twitter, citing data from the Australian government, our climate blogging comrade Tony Heller presented the tropical storm trends for Australia, debunking the wolf-crying IPCC, media and alarmists:

In summary: There’s the IPCC and the media. And then there’s reality and facts. The former give you only fake information.

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