Global Warming: Greens vs Nuclear – “Th” Thorium Documentary

Coal ash piles contain more radioactive material than released by any operating nuclear power plant. Pollution from coal kills hundreds of thousands of people every year. Yet Germany and Japan are building additional coal plants to replace nuclear power plants. This has a short-term cost in lives (due to air pollution) and very serious implications for global warming.

As our van of thorium advocates discuss various energy options, we hear from prominent environmentalists and climatologists who support (or who have recently come to support) expansion of nuclear power. Support of nuclear power among climate scientists is nothing new, but creating this video would have been impossible even 1 year ago.

That we can quickly summarize why these scientists changes their minds is thanks to "Pandora's Promise" by Robert Stone (prominent environmentalist). He had come to change his mind about nuclear power, and has fellow environmentalists explain their own pro-nuclear reasoning as an indirect means of expressing his own.

What "Pandora's Promise" does not include is Robert Stone's own voice (except when he confronts prominent anti-nuke Dr. Helen Caldicott from behind the camera). It is Robert Stone (and fellow pro-nuclear environmentalists) interviews surrounding Pandora's Promise that has allowed this video summary to be created.

Baroness Bryony Worthington's offers additional commentary on the environmentalist perspective, having worked on climate change for Friends of the Earth, and drafted the extremely impactful UK Climate Change Bill. The bills was passed in late 2013, and helps ensure that existing coal plants in UK need to meet similar emission standards as new ones… a significant step in reducing UK GHG emissions.

"Next Generation Reactors" are discussed by both Pandora's Promise environmentalists, and our van full of thorium advocates. Not every environmentalist or scientist shown here is talking in support of the same "next generation" reactor. We take a closer look at different next-generation reactors in a future video chapter. But all pro-nuclear scientists do agree that any next-generation reactor will achieve a much higher level of passive safety ("walk away safe"), will help reduce our carbon emissions, and will save hundreds of thousands of lives thanks to reductions in deadly air pollution created by burning fossil fuels.

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Online content contained in this video:

TVA ASH spill.m2ts:

Bryony Worthington speaking at the CDKN Action Lab:

Ferris Bueller's Day Off:

Coal, Freight and Passenger Trains:

Natural gas pipes:

James Hansen on Nuclear Power:

Pandora's Promise footage from CNN:

Michael Moore & Robert Stone at The Traverse City Film Festival:

We have seen the energy future and it's nuclear: IQ2 debate (Bed Heard):

New Politics for a New Century (Michael Shellenberger):

Fukushima disaster has convinced him to support nuclear power – George Monbiot:

Why Environmentalists Must Accept Nuclear (Stewart Brand):

Mark Lynas thinking the unthinkable on nuclear power:

The Corporation (Ray Anderson & Milton Friedman from extended interview footage):

Germany Protest Nuclear Power:

Sierra Club: Nuclear power not needed; wind and solar are:

How Many Light Bulbs? (David MacKay):

Crossfire: Nader & Shellenberger debate nuclear power:

Elizabeth May on Uranium Mining:

Elizabeth May for Calgary Greens:

ACCIONA Windpower AW3000 Turbines at the Pioneer Grove Wind:

New oil changing technique in wind turbines:

Faces of Green Jobs:

Wind Turbines: My First Climb:

Wind Turbine Service Technicians:

Magic Washing Machine (Hans Rosling):

"GREENS vs THORIUM" is chapter 8 of a documentary called "Th", about the element Thorium. The entire documentary can be found at…

"Th08" is "Th" thorium documentary Part 8, iteration v436.

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