Greta’s Transatlantic Sail Turning Into Grand Farce…Will Wind Up Causing Many More Tons Of CO2 Emissions!

Climate poster child Greta’s is sailing across the Atlantic instead of flying – in order to minimize the climate impact.

gretas transatlantic sail turning into grand farcewill wind up causing many more tons of co2 emissions - Greta’s Transatlantic Sail Turning Into Grand Farce…Will Wind Up Causing Many More Tons Of CO2 Emissions!

Teenage climate rescue warrior Greta Thunberg. Image source: Greta’s Twitter site

5 crewmen to fly over to New York

But German online leftist daily TAZ here has uncovered that Greta’s climate publicity jaunt is going to wind up creating a massive carbon stomp, one far greater than anyone would have dared to imagine.

The TAZ writes that Greta would have been far gentler to the climate had she simply taken a commercial airliner. The reason, the TAZ writes, is because a crew of 5 men will have to fly over to New York in order to take the boat back!

This is what Andreas Kling, press spokesman for Thunberg’s skipper Boris Herrmann, told the TAZ on Thursday.

“There’s no other way,” said Kling!

10 tons instead of 4

Citing carbon emissions calculator site atmosfair, each crewman flying from Hamburg to New York will emit 2 tons of CO2 for the flight, i.e. a total of 10 tons. Had Greta simply taken a roundtrip commercial economy-class flight, she would have wound up emitting less than 4 tons.

The 16-year-old Greta and her father set sail last Wednesday afternoon on board the ocean-going yacht Malizia II with two sailors and a publicity filmmaker.

Hundreds of journalists travel to Plymouth

Moreover, “hundreds of journalists, supporters and spectators” travelled to Plymouth to watch Greta’s departure, thus adding enormously to the carbon emissions that the trip was supposed to reduced. The journalists could have witnessed here departure via live feed or a webcam rather than travelling in automobiles and what not to Plymouth.

Spokesman Kling says now they are considering sending Greta back from New York via cargo container ship.

Gee, cutting back fossil fuels “not easy” after all

Aware that the trip is possibly turning into public relations farce, sailor Herrmann told the TAZ: “The journey symbolizes two things: that it is not easy to replace fossil fuels and that mastering this challenge can be a great adventure”.


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