Gut-Punch To Climate Alarmists: Americans See Little Threat From Climate Change

Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) president Craig Rucker tweeted the results of the most recent Gallup Poll, which found Americans have little  concern about climate change.

“Only measly 2% of Americans believe ‘Climate Change’ is the most important problem facing our nation,” commented Rucker on the poll results.

The low results show that climate change is an issue that people worry about only when there’s nothing else to worry about. Climate change is more just an irrational obsession by neurotic socialites and elitists.

Despite the decades long media barrage of doomsday climate scenarios, Americans just aren’t buying it.

Moreover the survey results expose the strong satisfaction that Americans had for the US economy and jobs outlook before Corona made the headlines. Only 4% and 1% were concerned about the economy in general and jobs respectively.

What’s surprising is that figure barely increased 2 months later, indicating strong confidence that President Trump’s capability to will the country back to economic prosperity and jobs creation. Also confidence in the health care system increased, likely to the effective response to the Corona crisis.

Today Americans view climate change as being as big a problem as other traditionally low tier issues, such as morals, courtesy, class and the media.

Though the heavy lifting involved in getting the economy back on track remains ahead, Americans have confidence the country will rebound briskly.

Updated: May 23, 2020 — 3:49 pm

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