How Craig Applegath tries to make environmental changes through his podcast

How Craig Applegath tries to make environmental changes through his podcast

We have not inherited the natural resources from the preceding generations, we have rather borrowed them from the coming ones. Anyone who is doing anything to take care of the planet and its climate deserves applause and the list of these people can never be complete without mentioning Craig Applegath.

Craig is the right man for green buildings as he is one of the very few people who have a degree in biology and architecture. He studied marine biology and ecology at the University of Toronto and then moved to Dalhousie University, Halifax to pursue a degree in architecture. Craig is one of the pioneers of zero-carbon campuses, buildings, and urban facilities design.

Climate change is currently the biggest threat to the human race. The carbon content in the atmosphere has increased to 416 parts per million, an all time high this May. 2019 was the second hottest year ever recorded by humans and deforestation is producing more carbon emissions than all of the transport vehicles combined. This calls for serious measures to control the problem of climate change and reverse the ill effects we have caused so far.

The best way of doing that is by planting trees, a lot of trees. Every single one of us is responsible for the climate and we all need to play a role in it. This is where Craig is trying to create an impact through his startup, Twenty-First Century Imperative.

We are going to continue living on this planet for the foreseeable future and we need to do it without destroying the ecosystem that sustains us. We need to start acting responsibly at an individual level. Remember every plastic wrapper you throw is havoc for the planet, every day you choose to drive to work instead of catching the metro causes harm to the environment, every time you leave the AC running without the need of its ads to the carbon we are dumping into the system, that will doom us one day. We need to change, we need to adapt, we need to think and act reasonably.

The next thing and the more important thing is how are we going to reverse the harm we have already done to the planet. We’ve destroyed the ozone layer, we have melted too much of polar ice, and we have been the cause of a lot of carbon dioxide, lead, and other harmful substances in the environment. Planting forests is our best option to reverse the damage we have done to the earth.

That’s not all, climate change is already a huge issue and we need to prepare for what comes with it. We need to find ways to live with the damage we have done to the planet and its outcomes. We are looking forward to hotter summers and harsher winters. We must be prepared for elongated droughts and violent floods. The planet we are blessed with is meant to run on a very precise and accurate balance of a lot of factors. The changes we have made in the last century have really tipped the balance and it will not return to normal anytime soon.

We need to let time take its course and let nature make right what we have done wrong but in the meanwhile, we need to be prepared to face the worse circumstances that might even threaten to make us extinct but with proper planning and adequate measures we can make through it. No one can do that alone, but we do need every single person on the earth to be a part of it. It can’t be done without the participation of every last person there is. We need to put our differences aside and work on this as one team because this problem transcends race, nationality, color, gender, or any other natural or arbitrary classification we have.

And as Leonardo DiCaprio said:

“Don’t take this planet for granted, I don’t take tonight for granted.”

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