I made a list of what I’ve done and what I’m planning to do to help the environment. Any criticism or additional items are welcome.

  1. Will paint surfaces white to reflect the solar energy back into space.

  2. Have bought electric lawnmower and weed eater.

  3. We are recycling.

  4. Will use reusable grocery bags.

  5. Stopped rinsing our dishes.

  6. Will get rechargable batteries.

  7. Have LED light bulbs.

  8. Have a steam mop (only needs water) with washable mop head.

  9. Will buy dryer balls.

  10. Have water filter and reusable water bottle.

  11. We buy in bulk. Less packaging.

EDIT: the following items were suggested by the community

  1. Shop second hand.

  2. Do not throw food out or if you do make compost.

  3. Physical changes to homes/businesses that reduce energy usage:

-Solar panels
-Solar water heater
-Tankless water heater
-Thermal barrier (typically for attic)
-Add insulation to walls, roof, ducts, pipes
-Proper attic venting
-Paint roof/building white for warm places, or black for cold places
-Caulk doors, windows, and other air leaks
-Double-paned/thermal windows & window coatings
-Plant shade trees to reduce sunlight falling on house
-Smart thermostats (Nest, etc)
-Modern HVAC
-Other modern/energy-efficient appliances
-CFL/LED light bulbs
-Smart power strips
-Motion-sensing timed lights
-Dimmer switches for lights
-Replace filters in furnace and air ducts
-Smart curtains/blinds that open/close to reduce HVAC use
-Water heater timer
-Self-closing doors (both interior and exterior)
-Rugs/Carpets for hard floors to increase insulation
-Reflective roofing

  1. Conserve water by cutting back on animal products and preserve oceans by cutting back on seafood

  2. Mechanical lawnmowers

  3. Eco-friendly gardening

-drought resistant flowering plants to support pollinating insects
-planting fruits and vegetables
-conserve water by reducing grass space and utilizing gardens

  1. Buy locally

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