If Global warming is real why are you not taking the most effective way of Fixing it?

It is pretty well known how India and China are massive producers of carbon. biggest in the world actually. To put in perspective, by your own reports, there will be a 7-degree increase across the globe on average in the next 100 years. If America quit all carbon production, it would change the 7 to a 6.8. a .2 degree difference. It's like killing 10 worker ants and expecting the whole nest to go away. It seems to me this whole thing is more focused on alarmism rather than fixing. Take your latest report of 10 years till disaster. adding it to all the other times your predictions failed. Any solutions you come up with pretty much give full control of your life to the government for a minuscule change. Look at how much more efficient we have gotten since the 70s. Give it time and we will be carbon nuetral. Take nuclear for example, no carbon emissions, massive power and very safe. With all the modern safety measures, it is practically impossible for a meltdown to occur. And as many people think, they do not explode in bomb type explosion. When a meltdown occurs, it means the reaction is running away, overheating the core. this causes the steam pressure to rise inside the dome. However, this dome is built to withstand this pressure. This is a far better solution than wind and solar at this point, because they are cheaper for the amount of power produced, it is reliable power, unlike wind and solar, and it is ready right now. Whereas wind and solar are far too inefficient at this point to be practical. So to sum it up, if you believe the world will end in 10 years, why are you not going to the source of the problem instead of dancing around it, looking for government control, and always using scare tactics?

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Updated: August 3, 2019 — 2:18 am

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