Is Climate Change Actually Solvable?

Climate change.

It's all the rage today in our times. Some say we aren't doing enough, and some don't. But is there really anything and I mean ANYTHING that Canada, the US, or any country can do about it? The answer is no, not really. To even have a chance at making an impact on the global climate, you would need India and China's cooperation. Be truthful, would you go TO CHINA and tell them that they need to tone down their GHG output? I highly doubt it. First of all, they would probably arrest you, and maybe even kill you if you're loud enough. Second of all, China's MASSIVE population REQUIRES these energy sources TO LIVE and OPERATE. If China tried to use dams for their energy needs, they would need to flood a lot of land, and that would kill thousands if not millions of animals. Also, dams change the climate and environment around where they are built, especially when their reserves are being filled. So, if a dam is so destructive, why not use wind turbines or solar panels? Well, wind turbines still need materials for their construction, and the mining for those resources makes pollution, which in turn causes climate change, again reaching the same problem. Besides, the number of wind turbines required would quickly slice through the world's bird population, and might even lead them to extinction. How about solar panels? While solar energy is green, the manufacturing of the actual panels is far from being anywhere near green. And again, the amount required for the world's energy needs would lead to the same exact climate problem that is happening now.

If you take everything I've said into account, there is one last thing that cannot be overcome in this crisis. And it is simple, our population. The world's current global population is too large; there are too many humans alive and breathing for the world not to undergo climate change. And our population will keep increasing, leading to the same problem as before, climate change. It is an unsolvable crisis because it requires actions that none of us would be willing to take, and if you did try to push these actions upon others, then you would be labeled a tyrant or dictator. If anything, we will probably strip our planet of resources long before climate change can lead to our possible extinction, so why not focus on that instead? Well…

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